The "Old Land"

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany and biggest contiguous fruit farming area in whole Northern Europe. Here you can find, directly behind the embankment of the river "Elbe", between these endless-seeming fruit-plantations, dreamy old towns as there are for example StadeJork or Buxtehude. They all once belonged to the great Northern Hanse League.  But also the small village of Hollern-Twielenfleth has its own unique attractions and beautiful beaches of very fine sand.

Magical old half-timbered houses with impressive and splendid gates provide silent testimony about the former abundance of that fertile marshy land. They line the roads here and give this landscape its special flair.

The river Elbe, which is salty and tidal here because of its proximity near mouth to the Northern Sea may bring pleasure to friends of a maritime holiday, too. Lots of the beaches here have finer and whiter sand than some beaches on the Northern or Baltic Sea.

Also inside of the land you can find a lot of worth seeing objects, like, for example, the old drawbridge over the river Luehe.

For those, who have enough of the relaxation and peacefulness in the area, we could recommend a visit to nearby Hamburg If you would prefer shopping or a sight-seeing tour, or if you're looking for great musicals, there is nearly nothing you can't find here. You can simply book a boat-trip through the harbour, visit antiquated ships at the Museumshafen Övelgönne or go inside of a real russian submarine. The "Speicherstadt" in its new coat, with the world-wide known Miniature-Wonderland  and the now lately finished Elbphilharmonie is worth one ore more daytrips, indeed.

A special tip for early birds: Every Sunday Morning from 5:00 to 9:30 PM. (during the summer. During wintertime, it changes to 7:00 to 9:30), in Hamburg-Altona is Fischmarkt  (fish-market). If you are able to get up very early in the morning, you should not miss this sensational event!

For night owls: You can also take the ferry to Hamburg on Saturday night, spend the whole time in Hamburgs nightlive, as there is for example the legendary red mile Reeperbahn. And in the morning you can meet the early birds at fish -market. "